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This August I had pleasure of accompanying my Sister and her family on the trip of a life time! From the Grand Canyon to Zion, Bryce and Kanarra Creek, and so many stops in between!  There more highlights then I can possibly cover in this post, but I’ll try 🙂  Starting at Hoover Dam and taking Route 66 (if I could include the sound track to the movie Cars I would!) to the South Rim, and Monument Castle outside Flagstaff, Slide Rock State Park and the star filled North Rim, there was so much more! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from the trip 🙂 I apologize, this is a long post, but  an 11 day trip deserves it!

This truly was the trip of a life time!


As we started out down route 66, there were lots of fun sites to see, remnants of what the old highway was back in the day, like Hackberry general store!

The town of Williams was the first big town we came too. I think we were all surprised with what  a great town it was! Lots of history and the last big pit stop before the South Rim. A must see when driving this route! 

The South Rim, was stunning to say the least! During our time there, it was fairly hazy and hard to see the true scope of just how big the Grand Canyon is. None the less, amazing!  These photos below show how small we truly are 🙂

Above: Red Rock State Park

Below: Montezuma’s Castle. Hard to believe people lived this way. We were lucky enough to talk with  a park volunteer who gave us lots of history.

Next on the drive was Slide Rock State Park….it may have been the highlight of the trip for my Nieces 🙂   Seriously…that was their response when they first saw it! All natural, formed by water over time!

The North Rim may have been my favorite site of the whole trip.  The skies had cleared since the South Rim and WOW! That is all I need say!

I decided to try to get some star shots before going to bed, and needless to say I didn’t want to stop. Across from the North Rim where I was taking this photo from you can see the South Rim lights, the small lights at the bottom of the photo below….

Now I know a sunrise is always going to give more dramatic photos, so I got up at 4am to set up for it. However, I was delighted to see a lightning storm as I made my way out to the rim! The photo below is one of the bursts of lightning!

Bryce, is probably second on my list of favorites, the colors were amazing and unlike the other Parks, we were able to do a hike to the bottom and do a big loop. It was  beautiful day. Love the colors.

I was hoping for sunset photos up at Bryce, but thanks to Kirsti’s awesome driving skills, we managed to capture this very powerful and intense storm moving across the valley!

Kanarra Creek, so much fun and again, beautiful! Thanks to Paul’s great planning we got to hike the creek at the perfect time of day when the sun was right above us and illuminated the slot canyon to bring out the colors. My nieces faces lit up as we continued deeper and deeper into the slot canyon and came across more and more water. It was challenging at times to hike with my camera gear, but well worth it. So very cool!

The final stop on the trip was Zion, so beautiful. Different from the rest of the Parks, starting from the bottom and looking up at the Peaks (or hiking up :)). Zion has a totally different feel to it because of this. After a small hike we headed up the Narrows. It is so massive it is hard to put it into words. Once again, Moira dove right into the water to relieve herself from the 100+ degrees. The water felt so good!

This is beautiful, I set up my tripod just outside the Park entrance to get a clear shot of the mountains. This is just one of several stunning shots.

Thanks for taking the time to look through the photos. Feel free to leave a comment 🙂

October 18, 2013 - 10:51 am

Rob Siiberg - Beautiful pictures of one of the most beautiful natural places in the country! Love how the earth’s natural tones are so vibrant.


As my nieces would say, this is their favorite day of the year! Well, perhaps a very close second to Christmas. I think I have to agree! I don’t know of days that get much better then this! Hanging out with family and friends, BBQing, swimming and just soaking it all in!  I have been looking forward to the 4th since the day I got the evite on my phone 🙂 Thank you Fran for once again opening your home!  Here are a few moments that scream summer to me. Enjoy!

4th 2013b (2 of 2)

the 4th (1 of 1)

4th 2013e-4284

the 4th-4838

4th 2013e-4276

4th 2013 (1 of 1)

the 4tha-4565


Till next time 🙂