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This past weekend I met up with this lovely family of 4! Though we are at the end of summer, it may have been one of the hottest days yet, Lorri thank  you for being up for the challenge. 🙂  I have been anxious to post some teasers of these 2 adorable little ones! With lots of giggles and smiles to go around, they kept me on my toes! From digging for moles to climbing trees and a few sticks in between, it was a great afternoon! Thank you for going with the flow and allowing me to capture their sweet personalities! Such precious moments with all of you!  Enjoy!

I love how playful these moments are 🙂

Thank you!


Just about 2 weeks ago I met up with Stephanie and her family! It is always so fun to meet extended family, Grandma and Grandpa, sisters and brothers… and of course and little ones! As the weather would have it, we were up against the rain of a very spring-like Washington day! You all are such troopers to brave the elements and venture outside 🙂 Thank you!  Even with the rain drops and fog rolling in we managed to capture some sweet moments…tears and all… I really do love the raw  moments. Sometimes it’s really about capturing life in the moment..   I hope you enjoy your teasers and thank you!


There is nothing better than a walking stick…I think Owen agreed!

I love how the fog rolled in...and how balloons made an appearance in the forest 🙂


Thank you again!


Just last night I met up with a few familiar faces, and  a few new ones! It was a wonderful night with lots of laughs and silliness. I love how these cousins have so much fun together when taking photos. I hope you all enjoy your teasers.  Thank you!

This might be my favorite shot of the night…just beautiful!

Thank you all for coming out it was a great night! Feel free to leave comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

August 12, 2016 - 7:10 pm

Janet - Fiona- Thank you!!! These are fantastic!! We will cherish these! 😄😄

August 12, 2016 - 11:10 pm

Fiona - Your very welcome! 😊

August 13, 2016 - 3:26 pm

Rosemary Johnson - Thank you, Fiona you captured all of them perfectly we can’t wait to see all the photos


When you live in Seattle you learn to embrace whatever weather comes your way 🙂  I give huge kudos to these guys for doing photos even though the rain kept coming, that’s a group of true Seattleites!!!!  With 4 very active cousins and one little baby, it was a busy house. So much fun to watch them all interact and play just as cousin should 🙂  From laughter to crying, with some snacks in the mix, it was a fun few hours to document. Thank you for opening up your house at the last minute to capture these special moments! Enjoy.

Who doesn’t enjoy jumping on the bed 🙂

So sweeet!

Thank you again! Fiona