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Just over a week ago during all the rain we have been getting, there were a few hours of sunshine! And so, we headed out for a family night at the park. With little Miss Abigail to keep us on our toes it was a busy hour! With lots of giggles and smiles to go around, the game of  chase began,  keeping Mom and Dad on their toes 🙂 It think you might have gotten your work out in Aaron!  Thank you for joining me at the park, it is always a delight to spend time with little Miss A!! Enjoy your teasers…

I love this series below….so unplanned, yet so perfect 🙂

Nothing like getting a few swings as you leave the park….


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October 19, 2013 - 2:22 pm

Morag - Love these photos! Thx so much Auntie! You really captured life & color!

November 5, 2013 - 10:12 am

Mum - Hi Fiona, The colors are beautiful, vibrant and all looked like they were having a great time


With a brief break in the rain today we seized the opportunity to take a few pictures. Though a bit chilly, it turned out to be the perfect day! Not to mention the beautiful fall colors! GORGEOUS! I am so excited for you both and can’t wait to meet little Miss Stratton 🙂 I hope you enjoy these!

October 31, 2011 - 12:22 am

MORAG - Thanks Fiona! These look great! You’re right, lots of great color! Beautiful!

November 6, 2011 - 10:57 am

Betty - Lovely pictures Fiona, the colours are outstanding and I see you still love those ‘back views’. Keep using this amazing talent…

November 6, 2011 - 12:57 pm

sandra - Fiona -amazing creativity and skill–bouquets to you

November 7, 2011 - 3:53 pm

Fiona - Hi Sandra,
Thank you! It was a fun day…pretty cold and wet though! Take care!

November 7, 2011 - 3:55 pm

Fiona - Hi Betty! Yes I do love the walking photos 🙂 Glad you enjoyed them 🙂